Wash Hair the Correct Way

How to Wash Hair the Correct Way

Do you know how to wash hair to prevent damage? Here are some hair wash dos and don’ts that you must follow.

Have you noticed how voluminous and soft your hair feels after getting them washed at a salon? It is because the experts know that a well-executed hair washes automatically translates to a good hair day. We often don’t give our hair-washing technique enough thought. If not washed properly, your hair is more susceptible to damage in the long run. Did you know that the one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work when it comes to washing hair—different hair types require varying amounts of care to keep the tresses looking healthy.

Are you wondering how to wash hair the correct way to prevent damage? Follow my top tips and tricks to customise your hair care routine and keep your hair looking its best.

Avoid shampooing your hair every day

Are you confused about how often you should wash your hair? Overwashing your hair can strip it of the natural oils produced by your scalp. Consequently, your scalp will work harder to produce even more oil, thus leaving you with an excessively oily scalp. On the other hand, if you don’t wash your hair frequently enough, it can lead to an itchy and irritated scalp. So how often should you wash your hair? Because hair-washing frequency varies on several factors, including hair texture and lifestyle, there is no definitive answer. I recommend washing your hair every other day if you have fine, oily hair. You can get away with washing your hair less frequently if you have thick hair–every five to seven days.

Completely wet your hair before applying shampoo

Do you want to know how to wash hair without using too much shampoo? Before applying shampoo, make sure your hair is completely soaked. Otherwise, the product will not spread well in your hair, and you will end up using more shampoo than required. This can dry out your tresses. Therefore, thoroughly wet your hair and give your shampoo enough time to emulsify.

Use lukewarm water

Do you want to know how to wash hair correctly? You need to pay attention to the water temperature. Even though a hot shower can be therapeutic, exposing your hair to extremely high temperatures causes them to look lifeless and dry. Instead of using hot water to wash your hair, I suggest washing your hair with lukewarm water. It helps gently rinse accumulated dirt and oils while opening up the cuticle. If you want smooth, lustrous hair after each wash, don’t forget to give your locks a cold rinse before stepping out of the shower. It closes the cuticle, and leaves a smooth surface that reflects light and gives your hair a glossy finish.

Pick the right shampoo for your hair type

The answer to “how to wash hair correctly” lies in your hair type. For a squeaky clean scalp, choosing the right products is crucial. You could end up causing more damage to your hair than good if you choose the wrong shampoo. Here’s how to find the right shampoo for your particular hair type:

  • Thin, oily hair: If you have fine hair and an oily scalp, I recommend using a clarifying shampoo. It will get rid of excess oil, scalp buildup and give you much-needed volume.
  • Thick, coarse hair: If you have thick or coarse hair, use nourishing products to maintain moisture levels and keep your hair shiny.
  • Colour-treated hair: Look for a product that won’t strip your hair of colour every time you wash it and is color-safe.

Do you want to learn how to wash hair to keep them healthy and nourished? For more hair care tips, schedule a consultation with me here.