Retinol for Best Results

How to Use Retinol for Best Results

Do you want to know how to use retinol? Here’s how to get the most out of this multi-tasking skincare ingredient.

The popularity of retinol is increasing exponentially among skincare enthusiasts all over the world due to the incredible results it offers. This potent anti-ageing and skin-transforming ingredient is a holy grail for those seeking a clear and youthful complexion. Are you intrigued by the wonders of retinol and want to know how to use retinol to harness its potential for maximum benefit? Let’s delve into what retinol is and how to incorporate it into your skincare routine for exceptional results.

What is retinol?

Fights off free radicals

Retinol is a derivative of vitamin A, one of our body’s most vital nutrients for increasing cell turnover. It has a plethora of skin benefits – it exfoliates, brightens skin tone, reduces signs of ageing, and keeps breakouts at bay. Retinol also stimulates collagen and elastin production by penetrating the deeper layers of the skin and activating cellular receptors.

How to use retinol?

While this skincare ingredient has numerous benefits, it can harm your skin if not used correctly. Are you still on the fence about adding retinol to your skincare routine because of retinoid purges? You need to know how to use retinol correctly to avoid this issue.

  • Apply at night

My top tip on how to use retinol correctly is to always apply it at night. This potent ingredient is not very gentle on your skin. Furthermore, retinol is sensitive to sunlight and may break down when exposed to UV rays, which reduces its effectiveness. Therefore, I recommend adding retinol-based products only to your nighttime skincare regimen. And do not forget to use broad-spectrum sunscreen the next day. It is also a good idea to skip retinol if you have an upcoming vacation where you will be spending a lot of time under the sun.

  • Start with a low concentration

Did you know that there are different types of retinoids? Although retinol can deliver excellent results, starting your retinol journey with strong formulas might irritate your skin and cause problems like redness, dryness, and rashes. I recommend beginners start with a pea-sized amount of a formula with a low concentration, like 0.2% or 0.3%. If you have sensitive skin and are terrified of purging, you can start with a night cream that contains retinol – it is more gentle on your skin. You can also pick a product with other hydrating ingredients like glycerin or hyaluronic acid to help your skin adjust to retinol.

  • Start slowly

Retinol is an incredibly powerful skincare ingredient. So, it is essential to learn how to use retinol correctly. I recommend gradually adding it to your skincare routine to avoid any irritation or skin damage. Instead of using retinol every day, start by using it twice a week, gradually increasing the frequency to allow the skin to adapt.

  • Monitor dryness

You must keep an eye on how dry and flaky your skin becomes as you begin using retinol and gradually increase how frequently you use it. Retinol can lead to dryness and sensitivity, so it is vital to maintain a well-nourished skin barrier. I recommend following it with a heavy-duty moisturiser to lock in hydration and minimise potential side effects.

Retinol truly is a game-changer skincare ingredient, but you will not see the results overnight. It will take at least three months of consistent nightly use of retinol to see a reduction in fine lines, dark spots, or acne. So, be patient! And if you wish to learn more about how to use retinol to improve your skin texture and tone, schedule a consultation with me here