We Answer Every Question You’ve Ever Had About Laser Hair Removal

Let’s admit it: when I say LASER, you automatically think of hair removal and that’s for a good reason. Used for acne, carbon peels and a lot more, laser treatments have proven to be an effective and safe treatment to get rid of body hair. ISAAC Luxe has a lot of clients coming in for laser hair removal on varying body parts, and as a practising dermatologist, I hear questions and worries around laser hair removal all through the day. So if you’re thinking of opting for a laser treatment, this blog is for you!

Laser Hair Removal. Image: Shutterstock

How does a laser treatment work exactly?

Simply put, a laser detects the hair by focusing on the pigment cells that reside in the hair follicle. By targeting the melanin in the hair, the laser burns down the hair follicle and the root.

Does it permanent get rid of body hair?

LASER hair removal does NOT stop hair growth, but dramatically reduces it between 3–7 sessions.

Where can I get laser hair removal?

Seeing how most machines can cover all body parts, you can opt for the most commonly waxed/shaved areas like arms, legs and face. More and more people are choosing laser hair removal for areas like back, stomach and bikini line to avoid all that pain during waxing sessions.

Does it hurt?

If you went through waxing sessions, I can assure you it hurts a lot lesser. Sure, there is a stinging sensation at times but that will pass. Most experts use a numbing agent before a laser session so that helps too. At ISAAC, we believe in investing in the latest technology — the Soprano Ice Platinum and GentleYag (US-FDA approved) cause minimal distress to our clients. (Check out testimonials on my Instagram handle)

Is it true that you need to shave before the laser treatment? Doesn’t it cause hair growth thick?

Yes, you’re shaved before a laser treatment. As the laser beam targets the follicle, the shaving allows the follicle to be intact. And it doesn’t cause hair to grow back any thicker.

How long can a laser hair removal treatment take?

Depending on the density of your hair, skin type, and the body part, you may need anywhere between 3–9 sessions. For instance, a laser session for your underarms for upper lips may take 5 minutes but the number of sessions will be more.

Is laser hair removal good for ingrown hair?

Yes, in fact, it’s the best treatment possible to avoid ingrown hair. As laser removes hair from the follicle itself the possibility of the hair growing backward is zero.

Is there any special care that I need to take after a laser session?

I’d advise you to stay away from the sun immediately after the treatment and also making most of a broad spectrum sunscreen. If you have some redness post session, your doc may prescribe topical creams or ointments if needed. It is also best to avoid chemical peels for 10–15 days after a laser session.

How do I know if laser hair removal is suited for me?

Honestly, this isn’t a cosmetic procedure but more about grooming and I feel anyone who wants to make a long-term investment instead of hitting the salon every 4 weeks is suitable for a laser treatment. From teens to adults, and men (grooming is a part of your routine too), laser hair removal is safe for all. If you have a lifestyle condition like PCOD, consult your dermat before opting for laser treatments.

If I’m walking in for a session, who should ideally do the procedure?

First up, always choose a dermatologist’s office over salons for such procedures. If you’re opting for a face laser, it is wise to get it done by medically qualified and trained doctors. For other body parts, laser hair removals can be done by medically trained aestheticians under expert supervision.

Is it safe for bikini hair reduction too?

I get this question asked almost every day and my answer is the same. Yes, yes, yes! With great technological advancements and trained docs (like me!), laser treatments are safe for bikini areas too.

How much does it cost?

Honestly, the cost varies per clinic. At ISAAC Luxe, a full body LASER session starts at Rs 30,000.

Hope this answers most of your questions.

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