It’s A Guy Thing: Every Man’s Skincare and Haircare Guide

Skincare is for everyone! When it comes to skincare, men often ignore their skincare routine. From acne to breakouts, dryness to under eye circles, men too need a skincare routine.

3 Things Men Need To Remember About Their Skin

  1. Men have thicker skin… literally! It tends to be 20% – 30% thicker than women’s skin. However, when it comes to ageing, their skin is more resilient in nature.
  2. Men produce more oil on that face due to their sebaceous glands. This means they should be particular about face washes and creams that suit their skin type and concern.
  3. Men have larger hair follicles in general, especially on the face.

Know Your Skin Type

So, there are mainly 5 skin types

  1. OILY SKIN: 
    Just as it sounds, oily skin often develops a sheen soon after washing your face and can also be recognised by enlarged pores and a constant build-up of dirt, resulting in blackheads and breakouts. The greatest mistake that men with oily skin make is that they tend to cut back on moisturising, but oily skin can also be dehydrated, which causes the glands to produce more oil as a form of compensation. Exfoliate regularly to unclog the pores and follow it up with a lightweight moisturiser to maintain the skin’s hydration.
  2. DRY SKIN: 
    Itchy, red, flaky and tight skin is often an indication that you have a dry skin type. Men with dry skin should avoid any products that are particularly stripping or strong. Opt instead for a gentle foaming or creamy cleanser and moisture-rich moisturisers and hydrating serums. A rich night cream will help to repair and hydrate skin overnight.
    Some people are naturally gifted with even skin that’s neither dry and flaky or oily and shiny. While hydration remains important, most well-made products will be suitable for your skin.
    It might be that your T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) are oily, with blocked pores that result in blackheads, and yet your cheeks are dry and tight. This is best described as combination skin and is quite common amongst men.
    Exfoliating the T-zone to help decrease oil production will help to balance out your skin follow it up with a light moisturizer.
    Sensitive skin tends to be quite rare, particularly in men, so irritated or blotchy skin is more often the result of a reaction to certain products. Avoid using products which contain parabens and fragrance.

Treatments You Can Try At Isaac Luxe

Here are some of the treatments available @isaacluxe which can be done wonderfully for men to treat different issues with ease:

    Laser hair removal for men has finally come of age. Increasing numbers of men, determined to rid themselves of excess hair, are turning to this safe and scientific solution to deliver them a clean, polished look. Men also often opt for it if they just want to slow down their hair growth or to get thinner hair texture on their face and body.
    Derma Roller therapy is clinically proven to be effective in reducing acne scars. It is non-ablative (it does not destroy the top layer of skin to cause a wound-healing response). Instead, makes use of the body’s own natural healing process, without damaging the skin. As a result, downtime is minimal and there are no known side effects.
    An amalgamation of treatments where ultrasound energy is used to tighten up the jaw area which gives your face a more structured look by defining the jawline and getting rid of the double chin.
    These drips are very helpful in hydrating and replenishing your body back with good nutrients after a long night of partying hard, post a marathon/heavy sports activities or after a long vacation.
    We have treatments like Mesotherapy, Hair PRP, Hair Botox and Hair Transplant.

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