Want A Pout Like Kylie Jenner? Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Lip Augmentation

From our Kardashian favourite Kylie Jenner to a pout like TV actress Mouni Roy, there’s a lot of attention on lips in tinsel town. And as these trends filter down, more and more of my patients are curious about lip fillers. Here is everything you need to know (and consider) before getting a lip filler.

What is a lip filler?

Essentially, it’s a dermal filler made of hyaluronic acid (or collagen) that is injected to on or around your lips and is found to improve the fullness of your lips. Not just that, it helps freshen up your smile, make your lips look bigger and also help correct the shape of your lips. This is extremely beneficial to rectify any asymmetry around the lip area too.

How long do they last for?

A lip filler can last for about 3–6 months. If you’re blessed with a speedy metabolism rate, your filler may dissolve quicker than others.

Where can I get lip fillers done?

Any cosmetic procedure needs a combination of both, great skills and latest technology. It’s better to consult a medical professional who has been trained in dermal fillers rather than going to a salon. Since a lip filler can go wrong easily, it is better to go to a doc whose had years of experience. At ISAAC, we use Juvederm which is one of the known and used fillers in recent times.

What should I expect?

I get a lot of patients who have wafer-thin lips and want Priyanka Chopra’s pout and I have to say, that’s an unrealistic expectation to start with. When a doc injects a dermal filler, he/she is mindful of the shape of your natural lips and lip area along with the anatomy. It’s better to take a few sessions and gradually make your lip fillers than going full throttle in the first session.

Is there an immediate change after a lip filler?

After mapping your lips to figure out where you need the filler (corners of your lips, Cupid’s bow or on your lips directly), most dermats use a numbing cream or a dental block to ease out the application. There is also some swelling but yes, you can see a visible change. Of course, you can only see the final results after 2–3 days.

What if I decide I don’t want a lip filler?

If you don’t like what you see, we usually inject an enzyme called hyaluronidase to dissolve the filler immediately. But my advice is to give it time and see the results in 1–2 days.

Are there any dos and don’ts I should worry about?

Well, right before you get a lip filler it’s best to stay away from too much caffeine or blood thinners like aspirin. Your doc may prescribe Arnica for the swelling to subside after but that’s pretty much what you need to do.

How much do lip fillers cost?

The price varies but I think it’d be safe to say anywhere above Rs 25000, that’s roughly USD 450.

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