This Is The Exact Skincare Routine I Follow In Winters!

This Is The Exact Skincare Routine I Follow In Winters!

Here’s what I do to keep my skin hydrated and healthy during the harsh winter months 

Brisk wind, cosy sweaters, and steaming hot chocolate—who doesn’t love winters? But, this season also brings dry skin, chapped lips, and countless skin issues. Since winters can be harsh on your skin, it is essential that you tweak your skincare routine to protect your skin. 

It is important to have a winter skincare routine. However, avoid a complete overhaul of all the products. I recommend making small adjustments and building your winter skincare routine based on your skin’s needs.

Here’s my winter skincare routine that helps me keep my skin healthy and nourished throughout the season.

  • Cleansing

During winters, your skin tends to look dry and dehydrated. This doesn’t mean that regular cleansing should not be a part of your winter skincare routine. To prevent my skin from drying out, I incorporate a cleansing balm or a cream cleanser into my winter skincare routine. Cream cleansers are great for winters as they contain emulsifiers and natural oils to effectively lock in moisture while eliminating impurities and preventing skin inflammation in the process.

Try: Dr. G’s Sebum Control Facewash or IS Clinical Cream Cleanser

  • Exfoliation

Exfoliating should be a part of your winter skincare routine because dry skin leads to flaky skin. During winters, I tend to stay away from physical exfoliators as they are extra harsh on the skin. Instead, I use a gentle chemical exfoliant. Regular exfoliation during winters can help you get rid of dry and flaky skin and give you a radiant complexion.

Try: FCL AHA Lotion 15

  • Vitamin C serum

This serum is an essential part of my winter skincare routine. Vitamin C can help minimise dullness by fading pigmentation and smoothing the skin surface. I love using vitamin C serum during winters as it imparts a youthful glow to my skin and repairs it. It also helps with collagen production. Vitamin C decreases cell damage and keeps my skin healthy and young.

Try: Dr. G’s Active C Serum or Tri Vita Vitamin C Serum

  • Moisturiser

The fundamental rule of the winter skincare routine is to keep your skin hydrated. Harsh winds and indoor heat strip off moisture from your skin and leave it severely dry and dehydrated. This is why a light moisturiser or a moisturising lotion doesn’t do anything for your skin in winters. Changing to a seriously hydrating moisturiser is perhaps one of the most important and frequently overlooked steps in the dry skin game. For my winter skincare routine, I opt for an intense moisturiser. For soft and supple skin, I moisturise my skin twice a day. I prefer moisturising creams with hyaluronic acid as it helps retain water and keep my skin hydrated. I massage it into my skin for 30 seconds to maximise the benefits. 

Try: Dr. G HA Intense Moisturizer or Hidraderm Hyal Facial Cream

  • Face mask

Another important step in my winter skincare routine is a hydrating face mask. If you hate waking up to your skin feeling parched, dry, and uncomfortable, then you should give face masks a try. 

Apply before bedtime and feel the difference. Your body rebalances its hydration during sleep. When you are sleeping, the growth hormone levels also increase, allowing damaged cells to become repaired. With the help of a face mask, you can boost these benefits and wake up with a dewy, dreamy glow. 

Try: Dr G Moringa Glow Pack or FCL Hydrating Mask

  • Facials

Harsh winter winds and the constant onslaught of harmful UV rays can wreak havoc on your skin. While rich moisturisers help combat dryness, sometimes it needs an extra boost. I incorporate regular facials into my winter skincare routine as they treat a slew of issues, from fine lines and wrinkles to dark spots and dullness to dehydration, and leave my skin hydrated and healthy.

Try: The Water Shine Glow at ISAAC Luxe is one of my go-to facial treatments when my skin needs an intense dose of hydration. 

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