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Went into the @isaacluxe clinic for a consult with the beautiful @drgeetika and we decided to do three of these treatments.... 1) REVIV IV Infusion 2) Soprano Laser - Arms this is for the second session 3) hydro dome facial Soprano Laser *Its triple wavelength ice cool technology which makes it more comfortable than other laser. Definitely faster because of the technology and large applicators... it’s recommended for anyone above the age of 18years They usually recommend 8 sessions but it could depend on each persons hair growth. Glow Iv drip it is direct infusion of vitamins and antioxidants right into the blood stream so it’s 100% effective starts at from ₹8000 goes upto ₹35,000, How long does the effect last and how often ? I saw results immediately next morning itself ...... but we recommend Minimum 8 sessions, i know this is something I will do At least once a month ...... And the Dome facial I did .... It’s pure hydration. Infact you can walk out feeling that perfect glow..... How long does the glow last ? to sustain the glow it’s important to be regular with the sessions. Minimum once a month and it’s priced at 15,000 inr How often do u need to do this once/ Twice a month depending upon skin.... again I could see my skin looking glass like and shiny immediately..... like when u have put lots of moisturizer and how ur skin looks super hydrated I have done several other Facials and have always loved the results Also lots of you ask me skin related questions and love answering all your queries but I would always recommend you guys consult with a dermat

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