How To Boost Blood Circulation For Better Skin

Blood circulation

Here is how you can rejuvenate your skin by making simple lifestyle choices

People don’t always associate blood circulation with good skin but there is a clear link between the two. Textbook biology tells us that our heart pumps nutrients and oxygen to the cells and then takes waste and toxins to the urinary system. Smooth blood flow is key to detoxification and it stabilises our body’s temperature and pH balance. All these things determine the health of our skin. 

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Here are some simple things that you can do to boost your blood circulation:


There are many benefits of working out and one of them is improved circulation. Physical activity speeds up your heartbeat and this naturally generates faster circulation. Try cardio or aerobic exercises such as jogging and biking as they are most effective in bolstering the circulatory system and lowering blood pressure. 

Drink fluids

Around 90 percent of our blood is made of water and it is important that you maintain this level. When you are dehydrated, your blood thickens and it becomes harder for the heart to pump it. This consequently constricts your arteries and you may experience palpitations and irregular heart rate. Therefore, you must consume ample fluids and stay hydrated. One should drink at least two litres of water daily. You can opt for hot water as it minimises menstrual pain and will also relax your muscles. Another drink which is recommended is green tea. It is rich in antioxidants and its regular consumption widens blood vessels. 

Eat healthy

To raise the circulation rate, eat food that has iron, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamin C. Other than this, you should include vegetables like spinach and kale in your meals as they are rich in vitamin K that vitalises blood clotting abilities of your body. Replace fine carbohydrates like pizza dough and white flour with fibre-rich carbohydrates like whole grain bread or millets. Food groups high in saturated fats should be cut down as they cause cholesterol. 

Take cold showers

There is a simple logic behind why cold showers are great for boosting up circulation. Cold water shocks your body and momentarily lowers your body temperature. This prompts your brain to fasten your heartbeat so that the warmed-up blood brings back your body temperature to normal. This whole process tightens your pores and adds a flushed up glow to your skin. According to a study, cold showers not only make you feel energised but also make you healthier.

Facial massage

Facial massage has been used as a beautifying technique in ancient cultures since time immemorial. According to a 2018 study “acute facial massage with a roller increases skin blood flow”. The blood circulation induced by the massage directs oxygenated blood to your face. This relieves itchiness, pain, and flakiness. It also promotes better absorption of creams and serums that gives you youthful skin. 

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