Hair Transplant in Mumbai

Hair Transplant In Mumbai | Best Hair Transplant Doctor In Santacruz Mumbai

Are you worried about hair fall? Want to restore healthier, thick, and nourished hair? 

If yes, here’s the best hair transplant in Mumbai under the supervision of a top hair transplant doctor, Dr. Geetika Mittal Gupta, in Santacruz Mumbai. 

At ISAAC Luxe Skincare clinic, you get various hair transplant techniques, including FUT, FUE, hair loss treatment, natural hair transplant treatment, and other advanced transplantation treatments with minimal to zero side effects based on your skin type. 

Apart from surgical treatments, we do provide non-surgical therapy for men and women. Get A-1 rated, result-oriented hair transplant in Mumbai at ISAAC Luxe Skincare Clinic. 

All About Hair Transplant Surgery

In general, hair transplant surgery is also well-known for hair restoration surgery. Hair transplant surgery is nothing but a medical treatment to restore hair and eliminate bald scalp. 

The professional and experienced doctor at ISAAC Luxe treats hair using various FUT, FUE, direct hairline treatment, or other advanced robotic hair transplant treatments. 

Advantages of hair transplant in Mumbai 

The hair transplant in Mumbai is a boon for people looking to restore thick and nourished hair. The patients can expect fully-grown hair in six to nine months of hair transplant surgery. 

  1. Efficient Results – The techniques we use at ISAAC Luxe offer efficient results and promise ultimate hair growth without hair thinning issues. 
  1. Safe and Natural – We use no synthetic or special chemicals while transplanting hair. So, you enjoy safe and natural results. 
  1. Low Maintenance – Unlike several other skincare treatments, hair transplant treatment requires minimal care after the treatment. 
  1. Long-Term Permanent Results – The results of hair transplants in Mumbai aren’t overnight. It takes a few months. However, hair transplant treatment is the best way to enjoy long-term and permanent results.
  1. Boost Self-Confidence – The long, thick, and nourished hair boosts your self-confidence. As the techniques we use here are natural and safe, you enjoy quick hair growth. 
  1. Looks Young – Remove baldness and look younger than before through a simple yet effective hair transplant in Mumbai. 
  1. Simple Treatment Process – As the hair transplant in Mumbai is initially carried out by local anesthesia, it’s safer without complications. 

How Will My Hair Look After A Hair Transplant In Mumbai? 

After the treatment, you may feel a sore scalp for some time. However, the pain doesn’t last long. 

Once the hair transplant surgery is done, the bald scalp and hair loss parts of the scalp get covered with nourished and thick hair. 

The transplanted hair combines with your hair, and you hardly find out the transplanted hair. If you’ve curly hair, then you get more coverage than straight hair. 

What Is The Cost Of A Hair Transplant In Mumbai? 

Usually, the hair transplant in Mumbai, India, may vary from Rs. 20 to Rs. 30 per graft excluding tax. 

On average, the hair restoration surgery ranges in between Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 1,00,000. 

Why Do You Need Hair Transplant Surgery?

If you’re looking to grow natural and healthier hair through treatments, you should consider hair transplant surgery. 

It gives practical and permanent hair solutions. Hence, boosts your appearance and makes you look younger. 

  1. Severe Hair Loss – Hair transplant surgery is the best solution for people facing severe hair loss. 
  1. Hair Thinning – Hair thinning is most common in women. However, if you want to regain the hair, hair transplant surgery is your choice. 
  1. Grow Thick And Nourished Hair – Though hair transplant results are slower and take a few months, it provides thick and nourished hair. 
  1. Enhance Appearance – Hair plays a crucial role in improving aesthetic sense. So, hair transplants enhance overall appearance. 
  1. Build Confidence – Boost self-confidence through thick and nourished hair. 
  1. Eliminate Badness – Baldness is the first-aging symptom in men. If you want to look younger, then hair transplant surgery is the best choice for you. 
  1. Scalp Burns or Damage Recovery – If you’ve gone through a severe scalp burn, then you need to consider getting hair transplant surgery.

Why Are You An Ideal Candidate For Hair Transplant Surgery? 

Hair transplant surgery improves your appearance and boosts self-confidence. 

If you are suffering from any of the below-mentioned things, you’re an ideal candidate for hair transplant surgery. 

  • Baldness
  • Scalp burns or damage
  • Hair thinning

Usually, the hair transplant is best for those suffering from hair thinning or damage in a few parts of the scalp. 

However, it’s not an ideal choice for people with hair loss throughout the scalp.

Why Are You Not An Ideal Candidate For Hair Transplant Surgery? 

Though you’re suffering from hair loss eerily, you might not be an ideal candidate for hair transplant surgery. 

Here are a few cases in which you are not an ideal candidate for hair restoration surgery. 

  • People with thick scars on the scalp after the accident or severe injury
  • Hair Loss due to chemotherapy
  • People with no hair transplant donors
  • People with hair loss on the entire scalp

These are the few cases where a hair transplant doesn’t work for you. 

Are you facing a huge hair fall? Don’t worry. It’s time to recover thick and nourished hair. 

Here’s the best hair transplant doctor in Mumbai to offer you result-driven treatment without any side effects. 

Types of Treatments / Solutions Available by Best Hair Transplant Doctor in Mumbai 

There are two primary hair transplantation types, Slit grafts and Micrografts. In slit grafts, there will be 4 to 10 hairs per graft. While in the micrograft, it will be 1 to 2 hairs per graft. 

The techniques used in the hair transplant are as follows. 

  1. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) – In this hair transplantation technique, the hairs are cut down directly through tiny punch incisions. In general, the hair transplant doctor makes small and little holes in the scalp using a needle. Then, they place hair in the needled part of the scalp. In one hair transplant treatment session, the doctor placed thousands of hairs. Finally, the scallop will be covered with bandages for a few days to prevent external dust and dirt particles. 
  1. Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) – In this hair transplantation, the small scalp portion using a scalpel. The cut is generally very long in the FUT when compared to FUE. However, once the treatment is completed, the cuts are stitched by the doctor. The doctor widens the scalp’s cut portion into minute sub-sections with a surgical knife and magnifying lens. These small scalp sections enhance hair growth. 
  1. Direct Natural Hairline Reconstruction (D-HNR) – Are you losing your hair on the hairline portion? Here’s the best treatment, the direct natural hairline reconstruction that helps achieve frontal hair based on the forehead height, patient’s preference, and requirements. Get the best hair transplantation treatment from the top hair transplant doctor in Mumbai. 
  1. Direct Hair Transplantation – Direct hair transplantation is perhaps the most effective hair treatment. It usually has two primary techniques: Pre-made sites and simultaneous scoring, extraction, implantation. In this technique, initially, the sites are created based on the right angle, density, depth, and direction. And then, through punching and needling, the hair would be fixed. 
  1. Male Hair Transplantation Surgery – Not only females but males also suffer from severe hair loss that results in baldness. Nowadays, people are suffering from bald heads in their early 30s and 40s. However, the popular techniques, FUE and FUT, help restore the lost hair soon. 

Permanent Hair Restoration | Best Hair Transplant in Mumbai 

  1. Female Hair Transplantation Surgery – Men and women suffer from hair loss in different ways. So, the female hair transplant differs from a male hair transplant. Using two primary techniques, FUE and FUT, the hair is transplanted into the patient. 
  1. Eyebrow Hair Transplantation – If you’re facing eyebrow hair loss, then it’s essential to opt for any eyebrow hair transplantation. Genetic problems, scars, and overplucking are the three reasons for eyebrow hair transplantation. 
  1. Moustache and Beard Hair Transplantation – For men, a mustache and beard are symbols of their royalty. But if you’re facing mustache and beard hair loss, consult the best hair doctor in Mumbai and opt for ideal treatment. 

Precautions Before Hair Transplant

No matter how harmless treatment is, it is always better to have some safety precautions in mind for the effectiveness of the treatment. 

  1. Be Chemical-Free – Stop using chemical hair products weeks before the treatment to prevent harmful reactions. 
  1. Stop Medicines – Certain supplements like Vitamin E or Plavix, Coumadin, or MAOI antidepressants have to be stopped.
  1. No Alcohol Consumption – Stop consuming alcohol at least 72 hours before transplant. 
  1. Consult The Doctor – Consult with your doctor before the transplant for a final word on the possible side effects. 

Precautions After Hair Transplant

Post-treatment personal care is essential to retain the effectiveness of the treatment. Here are some post-treatment personal care tips

  1. Avoid Heavy Activities – Hair transplant is done under strong sedation; hence, avoid driving or operating machinery. 
  1. Sleep Straight – Sleep lying straight on your back so that you don’t rub your head much on the blanket. 
  1. Do Not Apply Ice – Your scalp might itch or hurt but do not apply ice. Use the doctor’s prescription to relieve pain. 
  1. Do Not Rush – Please do not rush to color your hair, straight, or curl it immediately. Wait for the treatment to heal. 

Consultation With Dr.Geetika Mittal Gupta

If you are looking to get a hair transplant, consult Dr.. Geetika Gupta at ISAAC Luxe to receive the best quality dermatology in the country. Choose the best for your skin and hair. 

India’s Best Hair Transplant in Mumbai 

ISAAC Luxe has India’s best hair transplant in Mumbai under Dr.. Geetika Gupta. She is a very well-known, skilled, and experienced celebrity dermatologist. Consult at ISAAC Luxe for your best. 

Procedure Of Hair Transplantion Followed By Best Hair Transplantion Doctor In Mumbai

There is a standard procedure for hair transplantation that every dermatologist follows. They must stick to the correct order. 

STEP 1 – The surface of the transplanting area is prepared by removing the hair follicles surgically from the back of the head and placing them in the required area. 

STEP 2 – The donor area of the hair is trimmed before the surgery. 

STEP 3 – The donor area is then filled with the tissue containing the follicles and is sutured. 

STEP 4 – The sutures are hidden by combing the natural hair over the treated part. These sutures are removed after 10 days of surgery. 

STEP 5 – The donor tissue is dissected, and follicular unit grafts are prepared. 

STEP 6 – The patient is given anesthesia, and the balding area is prepared for the transplant. 

STEP 7 – The follicular unit grafts are placed in the holes made in the balding area. 

STEP 8 – The hair plants are placed according to their density. The smaller ones in front and larger ones behind. 

STEP 9 – The hair transplantation is closed, redness and incision marks will heal within a week. 

Why Dr. Geetika Mittal Gupta For Hair Transplant In Mumbai?

There are many dermatologists in the A-listed city of Mumbai. Dr. Geetika Gupta at ISAAC Luxe is among the best. 

  1. Easy Booking – It is very easy to book a consultation with Dr. Geetika Gupta at ISAAC Luxe with their website. 
  1. Great Hospitality – ISAAC Luxe has the best service to offer in terms of diagnosis and hospitality. 
  1. Expert Doctor – Dr. Geetika Mittal Gupta is an expert dermatologist with years of experience in this field.
  1. High-Tech Equipment – Dr. Geetika has some of the best skin and hair treatment equipment in the world.  
  1. Personal Care – The service at ISAAC Luxe with Dr. Geetika Gupta is very much personalized and customized for each patient. 
  1. Fast and Effective – The consultation with Dr. Geetika is not only fast but is also effective owing to her years of experience. 
  1. Pre and Post-Care – ISAAC Luxe does not only help with the treatment but also with the pre and post-care. 

Medical Reasons for Losing Hairs 

Hair loss is very common in human beings. It is considered normal when the body sheds 50 to 100 hair strands each day. 

  1. Stress – Stress is the most common and most known factor for hair loss in humans. 
  1. Hereditary – Hair loss is yet another reason to thank your ancestors because the extent of hair loss can also be hereditary. 
  1. Age – Certain ages like the teens and over 40s can cause hair loss because of bodily changes. 
  1. Hormonal Imbalance – Our metabolism hormonal imbalance can trigger hair growth and hair loss. 
  1. Childbirth – Women undergo hair loss after childbirth again because of hormonal changes. 
  1. Haircare – Wrong ways of haircare can cause hair loss because of harmful chemical reactions. 
  1. Side-Effects – Side effects of certain treatments, medicines, and food can also cause hair loss. 

Why Best Hair Transplant In Mumbai?

Best hair transplant in Mumbai is available at ISAAC Luxe because of its high-tech skin and hair care equipment and the diagnosis under Dr.. Geetika Gupta, the celebrity dermatologist.

[FAQs] Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Treatment In Mumbai

If you are considering hair transplantation then it is best to do your research beforehand with all the resources. Here are some FAQs you might have too.

What Is The Cost Of Hair Transplant Surgery?

The cost of hair transplant surgery depends on the extent of transplant one wants to get according to their baldness. It will also depend on the clinic and doctor you choose to work with.

When Can I See The Final Result Of Hair Transplant Surgery?

You can flaunt the transplanted hair immediately after the surgery but the incisions and redness will take at least a week to heal. The final results can be fully observed without surgery scars after a good two weeks.

Does This Procedure Have Any Side Effects?

There are very few chances of serious side-effects occurring but the common ones are redness, bleeding, itchy scalp, and bruises.

Hair Which Is Transplanted, Are Permanent Or Not?

The transplanted hair is permanent although the hair follicles grow old with your body naturally.

Is This Hair Transplant Procedure Suitable For Everyone?

Yes. Unless the transplant jeopardizes certain ailments you might have. Hair transplants can be done by anyone.

How Much Time Does A Hair Transplant Procedure Take?

A standard hair transplant procedure takes somewhere between 2-4 hours to be completed. Hair transplantation takes a lot of time as each individual strand should be handled separately.

Is There Any Risk Involved In Getting A Transplant?

There is no risk in getting a hair transplant surgery if you’re getting it done by a skilled and experienced dermatologist like Dr. Geetika at ISAAC Luce dermatology clinic.

Is The Hair Transplant Procedure Painful?

Hair transplantation procedure is done under anesthesia hence the surgery will not be painful while it is being performed. The recovery process could cause pain from all the incisions and redness in your scalp but it is supposed to go away in a week.

Hair Transplant Is a permanent solution for hair growth?

Of all the solutions, hair transplant is the permanent natural solution for hair growth and baldness. This procedure will last a lifetime although it can take almost 6 months to a year for the results to show.

Which Technique For Hair Transplant Choose?

This is something your dermatologist should decide after a personal diagnosis of your issue. There are many techniques of hair transplantation available that can be availed according to the patient.

Hair Transplant Or Hair Weaving, Which One Is Better?

Hair transplantation is natural and hair weaving is synthetic. Hair transplantation lets you grow hair naturally from your own follicles and hair weaving is gluing synthetic hair to your scalp. You can choose one according to your preference and your doctor’s opinion.

Can I Lose Hair After Transplant?

The transplanted hair may fall out in 2-3 weeks after the procedure and this is completely normal. It’s normal. for the transplanted hair to fall out two to three weeks after the procedure. This makes way for new hair growth. Most people will see some amount of new hair growth 8 to 12 months after surgery.

How to select the best doctor for a hair transplant?

You can do the research yourself to find a doctor. If you’re looking for one in the Mumbai, Delhi, and Gurgaon area then Dr. Geetika Gupta at ISAAC Luxe dermatology clinic is the best one.

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