Are There Any Real Benefits of Rubbing Ice on Your Face?

Are There Any Real Benefits of Rubbing Ice on Your Face?

This at-home skincare trend is all you need for healthy and flawless skin.

Did you know that the ice cubes in your freezer may solve many of your skin concerns? The benefits of ice on face are endless—from reducing puffiness, redness, and inflammation to soothing a sunburn and promoting blood circulation. The process of using an extremely cold temperature to reduce symptoms is called cold therapy or cryotherapy. And luckily, the method is simple—just wrap a cube of ice in a thin cloth or tissue and gently rub it on your face. 

What are the benefits of ice on face?

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Whether you want to reduce puffiness or get a healthier glow, skin icing is your ticket to see results. Read on to find some incredible benefits of rubbing ice on face.

  • Reduces puffiness

If you want to instantly de-puff your face, try rubbing ice on face. Many celebrities and top models like Kate Moss and Karlie Kloss swear by this technique. Rubbing an ice cube on face helps constrict dilated blood vessels that cause puffiness. 

  • Improves absorption of skincare products

The cooling effect produced by an ice cube on face restricts the capillaries in the

skin, creating a “pulling” effect. This allows for better absorption of your skincare products.

  • Minimises the appearance of pores

Do you want to get rid of large pores? If yes, then immediately grab some ice cubes, as it’s one of the most effective and easiest solutions to enlarged pores. Rubbing ice on face minimises the appearance of enlarged pores by shrinking them. Icing also helps to unclog pores that appear larger due to grime and excess sebum. 

  • Exfoliates the skin

You might be wondering how a single ice cube can exfoliate your skin? Rubbing ice on face can help remove the outer layer of dead skin cells and stimulate the growth of new ones.  

  • Promotes blood circulation

One of the top benefits of ice on face is that it promotes the circulation of blood. The increased blood circulation can improve the texture of the skin, thereby giving your skin a healthy glow.

  • Soothes blemishes

Rubbing ice on face is a great way to reduce the swelling and redness of pimples and it’s a great hack to soothe irritated skin, often caused by acne. 

Myths about rubbing ice on face

Certainly, the benefits of ice on face are endless, but there are also a lot of myths surrounding skin icing.

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  • Rubbing ice on face can permanently shrink pores

This is one of the biggest myths about applying ice on face. Nothing you apply to your skin can shrink your pores. But that doesn’t mean this technique is ineffective. Rubbing ice on face can tighten your pores which can help prevent grime and sebum from getting clogged in your pores. 

  • Ice can get rid of dark circles

While ice on face cannot help you get rid of the dark circles completely, it can help de-puff the area around the eyes. This can reduce the appearance of dark circles significantly.

  • Icing can lead to skin-whitening

This claim is not true. While rubbing an ice cube on face can provide a brightening effect, it does not alter your natural skin colour. 

  • Rubbing ice on face can get rid of acne

When applied to acne, ice has a soothing effect. It helps minimise inflammation and redness. However, ice is not a permanent solution for your acne. Moreover, it is only effective for inflammatory pimples.

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