A Complete Guide to Holi Skincare—Pre, During, And Post

A Complete Guide to Holi Skincare—Pre, During, And Post

Wondering how to prep and protect your skin during the Holi festival? Follow my top Holi skincare tips to enjoy Holi without fretting about your skin.

Are you impatiently waiting for the Holi festival? With vibrant colours, buckets of water, and indulgent delicacies, Holi truly is a festival of joy. However, the Holi festival can take a heavy toll on your skin. We have all gone through the horror of spending forever in the shower, trying to get rid of colour residue. But this shouldn’t dampen your spirits. To help you prep and protect your skin from the colour onslaught, I have compiled a list of my top pre, during, and post Holi skincare tips. Armed with these Holi skincare tips, you can enjoy the Holi festival to the fullest without worrying about skin damage.


Pre-Holi skincare tips

One of my top Holi skincare tips is to prep your skin before the festival. Follow these steps before Holi to avoid skin damage:

  • Hydrate your skin

During the Holi festival, dry skin is an open invitation for damage. Therefore, skin hydration is crucial. I recommend applying an adequate amount of moisturiser on all the exposed parts of your body to protect your skin. To protect your skin from chemical-laden colours, it is very important to toughen your skin barrier. Moisturisers with ceramides are a great option for the Holi festival as they help strengthen your skin barrier as well. They prevent your skin from absorbing colour by forming a protective physical barrier. 

  • Stop using actives

While actives are great for your skin, you should avoid using them for a few days before Holi. Do not apply retinol, retinoids, alpha hydroxy acids, polyhydroxy acids, or salicylic acid the night before as these can weaken your skin barrier and make your skin more prone to damage.

  • Avoid harsh skin treatments

It is important to boost your skin health to protect your skin during the Holi festival. Therefore, one of my top Holi skincare tips is to avoid skin treatments like chemical peels or lasers for five to seven days prior as they can cause skin irritation.


During-Holi skincare tips

Here’s a list of Holi skincare tips that you should follow on the day of the festival:


  • Use organic colours

To minimise skin damage, I recommend ditching the chemical-loaded synthetic colours and playing Holi with organic, natural colours.

  • Keep yourself hydrated

To prevent synthetic colours from drying out your skin, keep yourself well-hydrated. From Thandai to colourful sharbats, there are endless options to stay hydrated during the Holi festival.

  • Protect yourself from the sun

One of my top Holi skincare tips is to use waterproof sunscreen to protect your skin from sun damage. Since you’ll be playing out in the sun, sunscreen is all the more important. The thicker the sunscreen, the better.

  • Cover your skin

To minimise sun and colour damage, I recommend wearing covered clothing. It will act as a barrier and prevent colours and the sun from damaging your skin.


Post-Holi skincare tips

Once the Holi celebrations are over, you should take some time for post-Holi skincare. Here are my post-Holi skincare tips to restore your skin health and glow:


  • Use oil to remove colour

Avoid heading straight to the shower after Holi because the water can react with the colour and make it stronger. Since most colours are oil-soluble, I recommend applying a layer of oil like almond oil or coconut oil to your skin. This will emulsify the colour, and it will come right off, saving you the hassle of scrubbing the skin for multiple hours.

  • Avoid over-exfoliation

While it may sound like an obvious choice, you must avoid over-exfoliating your skin after Holi. Since your skin is already irritated and sensitive due to excessive colour and sun exposure, aggressive scrubbing can irritate it further and cause more skin damage.

  • Use a mild cleanser

Opt for a mild and gentle cleanser that doesn’t strip off the moisture from your skin. To treat your irritated skin, look for ingredients like Lavender, Aloe vera, Indian rose that have a calming and soothing effect on your skin. 

  • Moisturise

Since your skin barrier is compromised after Holi, the trans-epidermal water loss can make your skin dry and irritated. Hence it is important to add a burst of hydration. I recommend using a good moisturiser to hydrate, repair and calm your skin. For intense hydration, you can use sheet masks. 

  • Try skin treatments

You can try skin treatments like chemical peels and microdermabrasion to reverse post-Holi damage. However, you should give your skin some time to recover. Therefore, I recommend getting these treatments a few days after the Holi festival. 


To learn more about Holi skincare tips and how to boost your skin health, book a consultation with me here.


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